JavaScript ES6 Destructuring

This is the array of data we’re going to be working with. It is an array of 2 Objects:

const people = [
   { name: "Bob", age: 50 },
   { name: "Jan", age: 45 }

First, I’ll destructure the people array by pulling out the two contents and giving them separate names. Although the syntax looks a little weird, these two destructured objects should have unique names because they are variables.

const [person1, person2] = people;

So how would we destructure the two objects? It would be similar to destructuring the array except since we are working with a JS object, we will use curly braces.

const { name, age } = person1;

// prints "Bob"

You can also define these properties to have unique names:

const { name: name1, age: age1 } = person1;

// prints "Bob"

There is also a way to define a value for an object’s variable if that object doesn’t currently have one. This is called giving the object a default value. As an example, let’s say that our person Bob was defined without an age:

const people = [
   { name: "Bob" },
   { name: "Jan", age: 45 }

We can add one for him when we are destructuring by doing this:

const { name: name1, age = 42 } = person1;

// prints 42

But if Bob’s age was set to 50 when the array was defined and we used the above line const { name: name1, age = 42 } = person1, his age would not change.


// prints 50

How would you handle an object within an object within an array?

const people = [
   { name: "Bob", age: 50, children: {
      son: "Bobby",
      daughter: "Jill"
   { name: "Jan", age: 45 }
const [bob, jan] = people;

const { name, age, children } = bob;

// prints "Bobby"


const { name, age, children: {son, daughter} } = bob;

// prints "Bobby"

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