How to Install Python and PyCharm

Python is an extremely popular programming language that is commonly used in machine learning and data science. It is one of the smartest languages to learn.

PyCharm is a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Python. An IDE is the software that allows you to write and test your code. There are different IDEs for different programming languages.

How to Install Python

  • Step 3: Press the big yellow download button for the latest version for your OS (It should be Python 3 or higher)
  • Step 4: Click on the downloaded file to launch the installer
  • Step 5: Set it up however you want. I suggest just choosing all of the default options by continuing to press “Continue,” but it depends on your individual situation
  • Step 6: If your on Mac, check to make sure the install was successful by opening up Terminal. Type this in:
python -v

How to Install PyCharm

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: In the center of the screen, press the big black “Download Now” button. You should be transported to a new window that says “Download PyCharm” at the top
  • Step 3: Choose your correct OS (Windows, macOs, or Linux). Then choose the Professional (not free) or Community (free) version of PyCharm and press “Download”
  • Step 4: When the download completes, click on the file to open it
  • Step 5: Simply drag the PyCharm application to the Applications folder, as you’ve been prompted
  • Step 6: Go to your Applications folder and run PyCharm
  • Step 7: Setup PyCharm. Just press “Skip Remaining and Set Defaults” button at the bottom-left to accept the default settings

You’re all set. Now you can press “Create New Project” to get started with a new Python project

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