Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) basically allows us to give machines intelligence and enable them to do tasks that used to be done by humans. With this comes an unimaginable amount of benefits and drawbacks. I’ll explain some of the important ones here

AI is important because, depending on the work, it helps us to:

  • make smarter decisions
  • make work more efficient
  • cut down the amount of human effort

Examples of Benefits


  • Allows for better user experiences on applications by making them smarter, more intuitive and more personalized
    • Online shopping websites
    • Netflix
    • Social Media
    • Siri, Alexa, Cortana
  • Helps programmers because the AI models teach themselves and don’t have to be programmed normally
  • Detect and deter security threats
  • Resolve user tech problems
  • Monitor social media comments to, for example, detect people’s thoughts on a brand/company


  • Robots that assist in surgeries
  • Provide personalized medicine
  • Help with diagnosis
  • X-rays


  • Predict fraudulent transactions
  • Quick credit scoring
  • Financial trading
  • Automated call systems

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