How to Toggle the Minimap in Visual Studio Code

What is the minimap?

On the far-right side of your Visual Studio workspace, you may have a small file preview panel that shows a faint outline of the entire file that you’re currently in.

This little panel is called the minimap. Visual Studio Code’s definition of the minimap is as follows:

“A Minimap (code outline) gives you a high-level overview of your source code, which is useful for quick navigation and code understanding. A file’s minimap is shown on the right side of the editor. You can click or drag the shaded area to quickly jump to different sections of your file.”

The minimap can be annoying in some circumstances; for example, by limiting the length of your coding window.

How to Toggle the Minimap

  1. Go to View > Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows, Cmd + Shift + P on Mac)
  2. Type “minimap”
  3. Press on ‘View: Toggle Minimap’ to toggle it on and off

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